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Master Thesis in Contemporary Dance Education

Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main. 


Title: Autonomy in Connectedness. A research on the concepts of 'subject' and 'individual' in contemporary dance group choreography.


This research investigates definitions of ‘individual’ and ‘subject’ in contemporary dance practice by relating to three Western contemporary dance group choreographies as a framework of study: Violet by Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart, Collective Jumps by Isabelle Schad and You've changed by ZOO/Thomas Hauert. Giving voice to choreographers and dancers, this enquiry questions the accuracy, relevance and paradoxes arising from terminology used for describing the singular dancing body. This study looks at the overestimated terms ‘individual’ and ‘subject’ by undertaking an analysis constituted from three perspectives: choreographer, dancer and audience.

to get access to the Master Thesis, please contact me

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