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Somatic Taranta
hybrid rituals on rhythm, rapture and remorse. 



Somatic Taranta: hybrids on rhythm, rapture and remorse is a contemporary performative ritual combining dance, live music and song: a dance concert of revived breaths, vibrations and affects bringing contemporary dance in dialogue with the so called ‘pizzica tarantata’ dances and songs of the south italian tarantism traditions. Somatic Taranta is a sound and movement landscape of collective mournings, a rite of liberation, reviving a sense of resistance to a world that isolates, instead cultivating new forms of coexistence that allow suffocated breath and stagnations to transform into shared breathing, humming, sounding and rhythmic dancing. 


Concept and Choreography: Hannah Shakti Bühler 

Performance: Hannah Shakti Bühler, Marialuisa Capurso, Michele Ciccimarra, Agnes Distelberger, Laure Dupont, Veronica Garzon, Erika Schipa, Valerio Porleri, Andrea De Siena. 

Photography: Mili November

31st October 2021 Performance in the frame of Tanzfestival Rhein Main, Choreographische Werkstatt @ Staatstheater Darmstadt

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12th September 2021 @ Staatstheater Darmstadt in the frame of POP UP Residency Tanzplattforn Rhein Main.

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5th September 2021 @ Teatro Exfadda, San Vito dei Normanni (IT)


Gefördert durch:
Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Hessisches Ministerium 
für Wissenschaft und Kunst. 
Teatro Exfadda San Vito Dei Normanni (Italien), Casina Settarte (Italien), Tanzplattform Rhein Main.  

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